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Why Not Messaging App  ?

The world is getting digitalized and we must step ahead with the world. Earlier we used to send hand written letters; now with a click we can send photos, videos, messages etc. UBER / OLA they aren’t Transport Company, they are software companies, even if you go for bid to  a government tender, you need to do it online. If you apply for admission to a good university, you need to apply online. For entrance exams, student need to appear online.  If you want to book a air or train ticket, you need to book online, if you want to apply for passport, you need to do it online. Everything is getting online, and they do not happen in whatsApp!

How can Mary Mount School remain backward, when rest of the world is getting digitalized.
Mary Mount School wants its students to get familiar to the technology,
Mary Mount wants their students to get familiar online exam which they may need to face when they may go out of the country or state for higher education.
Mary Mount want to educate student in the best effective way,
Mary Mount wants its student to enjoy the same facilities which a Metro City’s school student enjoy.

And for these reasons, Mary Mount has introduced this customized ERP System, which known as “SMART PRO”.
SMART PRO is a School / College Enterprise Resource & Planning System, (ERP SYSTEM), hosted on a school dedicated server.  All the datas are stored in the could with high level of security.  

Its a centralised platform where Students – Teachers & School collaborates.  It helps use keep data and information in an organized way. It gives  better data to school to make better decisions. It helps school to monitor students and teacher activities, even when teachers are working from home, We can assign them task, they can share Lesson Plans using their phone, they can share time-tables and they can even schedule their live classes or video lesson.  Each activity is monitored by school and it helps school to ensure each student is getting the right attention from their respective teacher.  It can alert if a student performance is getting bad, it inform where school need to pay more attention, it can track complains and assign to someone who can address and solve the issue. It also helps to conduct online exams, and everything we do in paper, it can be done digitally in a organised and smart way via SMART PRO. All kinds of Proxy is not possible. Hence it is used by more than 250 plus school in India & 300+ outside India.

Earlier we used only for back office work and sending SMS. Now we customized it for online exam and designed as per the need of the hour. So that the entire school can collaborate in a systematic way, on a single platform that is owned by School and where data are safe, never used for any commercial purpose, which is done by other free service providing companies. The ERP is hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS), India- Region. AWS is the best cloud service provider who provide service to National Banks, Government Agencies. Etc, very much reliable.  Our technical team consists of AWS Certified Cloud Architects, experience software developer and support team. Who is willing to train our children & teacher, so that students and teachers get familiar to this technology, online exam, ERP System and  tomorrow they do not need to struggle anymore!

You may face little difficulties initially to use,  but you have video lesson and team to help and support. And we believe if students and parents have learned to used social media platform, like Facebook, Instagram, it won’t be difficult. The head of the software developing team has created several video tutorials for students.  Each video is not more than 3 mins. Same done for teachers.  And for every question and support the team is available. All we need a little co-operation from parents, it will motivate our teacher who are also struggling and trying their best.


Thank you!